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Welcome to the Herbaria

The University and Jepson Herbaria of the University of California at Berkeley are two collections of pressed plants housed together along with research labs, libraries, and archives. Together the Herbaria hold about 2,200,000 specimens, one of the largest collections in North America.

 •The University Herbarium, established in 1895, holds botanical collections from around the world.

 •The Jepson Herbarium, established in 1950, specializes in the vascular plants of California.

Updated version now available for collectors: A free MS Excel template to manage your collection data, make labels, and easily upload your specimen data to our database, CollectionSpace. Specimens accompanied by metadata in this spreadsheet will be given top priority for accessioning in UC/JEPS. ... Click here for details

Dog Raincoat Puppy Rain Coat with Hood Reflective Waterproof Dog schedule has been posted for the Spring 2021 session. Meetings are Fridays at noon, currently on Zoom — all are welcome!

Herbaria Contact Information

  News from the Herbaria

December 30, 2021
The Jepson eFlora Revision 9 was published in December 2021! One of the new species included is Linanthus maculatus subsp. maculatus (image courtesy of Keir Morse). For the full details, please see the summary here: https://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/eflora/supplement_summary.html
August 6, 2021
The annual North American botanical meeting Botany 2021 was held virtually July 18-23, 2021. Several UC/JEPS researchers were "there." Bruce Baldwin’s talk on the Jepson Flora Project can be seen here; Klara Scharnagl’s talk on lichen biology is here; and Brent Mishler’s talk on species is Cup shape decorative candles pink rose flower aromatherapy candl.
February 8, 2021
A virtual Jepson Workshop was held Saturday, January 30, 2021: "Wonders of a dryland moss: Syntrichia from genomes to ecosystems," hosted in partnership with the collaborative research project "Desiccation and Diversity in Dryland Mosses," with funding provided by the US National Science Foundation. In order to make the workshop available more broadly, recordings of all eight 15-minute presentations have been uploaded to YouTube. See introductory page and links to this self-paced workshop here.
November 2, 2020
Using seaweeds to read the history of the oceans! Kathy Ann Miller, Curator of Algae in the University Herbarium, was featured in a colorful article in The Guardian speaking to the importance of collections for baseline understanding of marine environments and how they are changing. See news story here. Also, see our developing California seaweed eFlora here.
August 4, 2020
Woody vines do the twist! The research of Joyce Chery, done as part of her PhD dissertation in the labs of UC/JEPS curators Chelsea Specht and Carl Rothfels, was featured in the New York Times. She showed how the unique evolution and development of wood in lianas allows them to be both strong and flexible, to twist through the forest canopy without breaking. Dr. Chery is currently an assistant professor at Cornell University. See her webpage here.
June 18, 2020
The University and Jepson Herbaria joins in the stand against systemic racism and urges us all to make meaningful changes in our personal and professional lives to promote equity in our communities. UC/JEPS is committed to fostering an environment that is supportive, welcoming, and respectful of all individuals; see the campus principles of community here. We welcome feedback about improvements we can make.
December 20, 2019
The Jepson eFlora Revision 7 was published in December 2019! One of the new species included is Brodiaea matsonii (photo by Robert Preston). For the full details, please see the summary here: https://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/eflora/supplement_summary.html
October 21, 2019
UC/JEPS alum Ekaphan (“Bier") Kraichak received this year's “Young Scientist Award” in Thailand. It is given annually to outstanding scientists under the age of 35, and was presented by Princess Sirindhorn herself. Bier received his PhD from UC Berkeley in 2012, studying evolutionary ecology of liverworts in Brent Mishler’s lab, and is now an assistant professor in Botany at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand.
March 14, 2019
Join BigGive by making a gift to support undergraduate students working at the University and Jepson Herbaria. Here, they will gain valuable skills in botany and conservation biology while helping us document biodiversity and share data with the world. https://crowdfund.berkeley.edu/project/14463.
November 19, 2018
A new study has been published by a UC/JEPS team evaluating conservation priorities across California from several different evolutionary standpoints, to guide land conservation efforts. Read the campus news story here and here, the research paper here, and explore the data and methods in an interactive web link here.
Cream White Groom Wedding Tuxedos High Quality Satin Silk Suits
October 22, 2018
The Jepson eFlora Revision 6 was published in September 2018! One of the new species included is Erythranthe shevockii (photo by John Game). For the full details, please see the summary here: https://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/eflora/supplement_summary.html
August 15, 2018
The University and Jepson Herbaria recently completed a NPS funded project to database and image over 1000 specimens collected by John Muir and housed at the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, California. Specimens were collected in Canada and Indiana in 1864-1867 and on his world tour in 1903-1904. Many of the specimens were in poor condition and were carefully remounted by plant mounter extraordinaire, Ana Penny. The Muir specimens are accessible via our Specimen Portal: https://webapps.cspace.berkeley.edu/ucjeps/publicsearch/publicsearch/
April 30, 2018
The University and Jepson Herbaria collaborated on an exhibit entitled Sustaining Grandeur: The First 100 Years of Save the Redwoods League, on display in the Bancroft Gallery in Doe Annex, April through August, 2018 (10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday).
For details on assembling the exhibit, which includes specimens and archival material from the Herbaria, please see: http://news.lib.berkeley.edu/sustaining-grandeur
January 8, 2018
The Jepson eFlora Revision 5 was published in December 2017! One of the new species included is Vaccinium shastense (photo by Steve Matson).
For the full details, please see the summary here: https://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/eflora/supplement_summary.html

October 30, 2017
A second paper has been published by the same UC/JEPS team referenced in a previous news item on this page (April 11, 2017), adding phylogenetic methods to the study of diversity and endemism in the California flora. This novel "spatial phylogenetics" approach makes it possible to evaluate biodiversity from an evolutionary standpoint, including discovering significant areas of neo- and paleo-endemism. Read the campus news story here and the open-source paper here.

October 5, 2017
Ingrid Jordon-Thaden, the lab manager for Assistant Professor/Curator Carl Rothfels of Integrative Biology and University and Jepson Herbaria, has been featured in a news article for UC Berkeley Research-IT (RIT). For the full article, click this link.

October 1, 2017
We are sad to announce that UC/JEPS Researcher Daniel Norris passed away September 30, 2017. Dan was an internationally famous bryologist, as well as a mentor for many students and colleagues in bryology. He is greatly missed here, and around the world.
... Read more here

April 11, 2017
New study published by a UC/JEPS team uses specimen-based distributional data, diversity metrics that include species’ relative breadth of range, and a randomization test, to map biodiversity and endemism for California native vascular plants. Download the PDF of full paper here.

March 17, 2017
UC/JEPS graduate students Joyce Chery and Carrie Tribble star in a two-part series telling the story of herbaria, including how to make plant collections, how they are curated, and how they are used in research, as part of the Science in Real Life series.
Plant Collecting & Herbarium Research ... Part 1.
Plant Collecting & Herbarium Research ... Part 2.

February 14, 2017
The Jepson eFlora Revision 4 was published in December 2016! One of the new species included is Adiantum shastense (photo by Julie Kierstead Nelson).
For the full details, please see the summary here: https://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/eflora/supplement_summary.html

January 18, 2017
UC/JEPS Researcher Benito Ching Tan has died. He was an internationally famous bryologist, as well as a helpful colleague and mentor for California botanists. We will miss him greatly. ... Read more here... and here.

September 20, 2016
University and Jepson Herbaria researchers Andrew Thornhill and Brent Mishler, as part of an international team, have published a major study using phylogenetic methods to model the effects of climate change on the eucalypts, Australia’s most dominant and widespread trees. ... Read more here.

September 16, 2016
Jepson Curator Bruce Baldwin receives the Robert Allerton Award for Excellence in Tropical Botany, from the National Tropical Botanical Garden, for his work on the origins of the Hawaiian flora. ... Full article available here.

May 23, 2016
SO BE FREE 22 to be held March 27 - 30, 2017, in the lower elevations of the Sierra Nevada, near Sequoia National Park. Participants will see a variety of spectacular habitats that are very rich in bryophytes, including the foothills where the valley fog hits the rock outcrops and oak savannahs. The geology includes marble as well as granitics. Depending on snowpack, we may be able to go to the giant sequoia forests. Registration Deadline is Dec. 15, 2016. Registration details here.

May 10, 2016
The California Native Plant Society released CalScape, a resource for native plant gardeners built in collaboration with the Jepson Herbarium. 700C 60mm depth Road carbon wheelset clincher/tubular U-shape r

March 7, 2016
Joyce Chery, a National Science Foundation Fellow and a graduate student in the lab of UC/JEPS Curator of Monocots Chelsea Specht, is a semi-finalist in the Grad Slam, a UC-sponsored competitive speaking event designed to showcase the best research presentations given by UC graduate students. Here is a short video clip from her presentation

February 29, 2016
New feature added to the Jepson eFlora: dichotomous keys filtered to bioregions. ... Try them here

February 8, 2016
Altitudinal shifts of the flora of California, in the context of climate warming, were studied in a major new paper featuring data from the Consortium of California Herbaria ... See news coverage from Climate Central and The Atlantic

January 28, 2016
An article describing the value of the Consortium of California Herbaria (CCH) was published in Fremontia, the Journal of the California Native Plant Society. ... Full article available here

January 25, 2016
"A successful example of advancing an herbarium with coordinated development in the strengths of both science and public programs is the University and Jepson Herbaria of the University of California, Berkeley. Their active research is complemented by the major role they play in the Consortium of California Herbaria. They have helped pioneer data portal development and eFlora projects, and have an active public education program. In addition the molecular lab and the herbarium are well integrated and are incorporated in the plans for the future. Such examples should be sought out and highlighted by the systematics community."

Quote from Wen et al. 2015. ... Full article available here

December 18, 2015
The Jepson eFlora Revision 3 is posted! It includes seven newly-described taxa native to California, including Linanthus bernardinus (photo by Duncan Bell). For the full details, please see the summary here: https://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/eflora/supplement_summary.html

December 7, 2015
Registration now open to all for 2016 workshops! See the schedule here

December 1, 2015
KQED public television releases a video and story about conifer reproduction, featuring Jepson Curator Bruce Baldwin. See the video here

October 19, 2015
Curators Chelsea Specht (pictured here) and Paul Fine named Fellows of the California Academy of Sciences, joining a number of University and Jepson Herbaria curators who are already Fellows: David Ackerly, Bruce Baldwin, Tom Bruns, Kathy Ann Miller, Brent Mishler, Richard Moe, Dan Norris, Ellen Simms, Alan Smith, John Strother, Ben Tan, and John Taylor. ... Read more

August 31, 2015
Citizen science training workshop for the NSF-funded 50pcs 7mmx200mm Hot Melt Glue Stick For Glue Gun ,Adhesive, Tran was held in conjunction with the California Native Plant Society's Rare Plant Treasure Hunt, at the McLaughlin Reserve 1 Yard Width 25mm 38mm Yoga Webbing Luggage Strap Dog Collar Lea

August 26, 2015
University Herbarium receives major grant to support digitizing of microfungal collections, as part of a nationwide consortium. ... Read more

July 2, 2015
The 2016 SO BE FREE foray will be held March 18-21, 2016, in North Coast Range near Occidental, California, approximately 1.5 hours north of San Francisco. Participants will see a variety of habitats ranging from coastal prairie, coast redwood forest, live oak woodland, serpentine chaparral, and chaparral scrub. 4pcs Linear Motion Ball Bearing Slide Block Bushing SC8UU SCS8UU

June 25, 2015
KQED public television releases a video and story about desiccation-tolerant mosses, featuring the Mishler Lab. See: 1X for HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 M425 Tray 2 Cassette Assembly Fr

February 18, 2015
The Consortium of California Herbaria (CCH) now serving data from 2 million specimens! Vigorous Synthetic Afro Kinky Curly Ponytail African Short Wrap

Curatorial Volunteers Needed at University and Jepson Herbaria.

One Saturday of each month is a Volunteer Day in the Herbaria. Work with Herbaria staff to help prepare mounted plant specimens and database collections. Learn more about how you can help!

Dates for 2021-2022 have yet to be determined due to COVID19 restrictions.

Archive of past news items...
Featured Projects

The Consortium of California Herbaria serves as a gateway to information from California vascular plant specimens that are housed in herbaria throughout the state. The display now includes information from 1.8 million specimen records, all searchable through a single interface. Read more...

Evolutionary and systematic studies of Californian vascular plants are a major research focus of the Baldwin Lab in the Jepson Herbarium, where investigations of the highly diverse native tarweeds and their Hawaiian-silversword descendants continue apace. Read more...

The University and Jepson Herbaria are part of the Berkeley Natural History Museums Consortium.
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